As you wish...

As you wish... - student project

I'm a little of a geeky romantic at heart so I'll be lettering the phrase

"As you wish..." - William Goldman, The Princess Bride

First version.... Still needs refinement. I'm not sure of the flourishes; little wonky. I'll try to get a different option up later on.

As you wish... - image 1 - student project


Working on Vectoring... I have a wacom tablet so I'm a little faster at this. But now I'm realizing I may have cheated myself, and probably should become more practiced at old school mouse and pen tool relationship.  I may have gone over board with florishes and need to step back. I've also revised the o-u relationship in the word "you". 

As you wish... - image 2 - student project

Update 3/28:

I'm still not totally in love with it. I thinned all my curves down and tried to make it more airy. I may need to go back to the drawing board because I've gotten way distracted with the flourishes.

As you wish... - image 3 - student project