As small and stupid as touching my nose

Awesome ! I look forward to trying this. I had tried this technique before, cutting my actions into smaller tasks such as "workout only 30 min a day", "learn only 10 words of chinese", "read one page of a book"... But what I realize now, is that I hadn't make the SMALLER version of these actions. The STUPIDLY small version.


The example you mentioned about touching your nose was so silly but it was eye opening to me, that's really when I understood the whole purpose of this logic. I had to make my actions as easy as just touching my nose (and suffering from as much lack of self confidence as I do -trying to work on it-, I can tell you I come from very far). 


Here is my study plan :

Learn Chinese, everyday consistently. Workout everyday consistently. Read 4 days a week. Send job applications once a week. Work on professional projects every day as soon as they come until they are finished.


Here are my "stupid small" steps :


Learn Chinese : Learn one word

Workout : One minute of jumping jacks ? Not quite sure, about to go and watch your workout video :)

Read : Read one sentence of a book

Send job applications (to get work as an illustrator / graphic designer) : Send one random email to one random store I like (not quite sure, this still seems a little big to me. I need to make it even smaller)

Work on pro projects : Put myself on my desk (or else) and do one thing. Write one sentence - Figure out one thing - Draw one line.



Thank you !

Soon-to-be illustrator !