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As simple as Flossing

My Problems with habit making: too much procrastination

I tend to procrastinate a lot, and I tend to put excuses for everything. But as I am growing older i want to be more aware of the person I am to become. For that I will start small. I've always had problems with my bucal hygene, and it's not because I don't brush my teeth. I actually brush y teeth with two special toothpastes. The main problem with my mouth is that it's PH is aparently extremely acid, that makes me more vulnerable to carities. Apart from that, I have big teeth and a small mouth with big fluffy gums. So yes, flossing for me is always recommended, and it's something I really didn't think I could do, I thought it would hurt a lot, and turns out when I started trying, I was wrong. I floss properly and it doesn't hurt at all. The main problem is I am really really lazy, so after I brush my teeth twice I really believe there's nothing wrong with skipping flossing. Turns out I lost a tooth for not flossing, and I currently have only 16 teeth. The regular human having 32.

So I developed my chart and I will start testing it. I also want to try doing yoga, and I made another chart for that, hope this will work out well!

Here's my chart, you can use it anytime!


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