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As graphite sharpens graphite

Realistic portraiture is one of my favorite things to draw, but as of late I've been feeling a little lazy, so I decided to get myself some motivation and learn a few things along the way! I was excited to find that many of my techniques were very similar to Gabrielle's, but she also taught me some really interesting new tricks that I'm grateful to add to my skill set! I believe with this knowledge I can bump my drawings to the next level!

I started out with trying to find a good reference!

I really enjoyed this picture because of it's full range of tones

I then did a sketch to figure out the proportions

I it wasn't all that aurate so I tried again

From there I traced it onto good paper and really was careful to make neat strokes

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, there is a softness here that other pieces I have made lacked

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