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As Time Passes: Moments, Practice, & Love



Moments are spent with those you care about, with people you love. They cannot be bought by things or money. You spend time on the things that matter, the things that motivate and strengthen you to keep going. Frendship takes time. trust takes time. Weather it be spontaneous food adventures or long conversations over the phone. Time takes effort and that effort makes moments.




There are days in your life where you loose track of the things you once loved. The things that brought you joy. Don't forget them. Don't let your love for something loose it's meaning. Kepp at it. One day you will find that happiness again. You will gain a greater appreciation for them as the days go by.



Learning to accept and appreciate yourself is a difficult thing, but it's possible. Growing up, insecurity was a normal mindset for me. But knowing who I am now and how much I have accomplished, I have learned to love who I am despite the flaws. These flaws are what makes me who I am. Without them I would not be whole. 


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