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As Sweet as an Elephant's Ear


Hi everyone! 

Here is my last submission for the 30-days hand drawn challenge! My two others are here and here. For the lettering project, I chose the elephant to be my animal. I love elephants, they're so majestic, smart and loving creatures! They also are part of the visual imagination of many cultures as great and positive figures, an idea I was attracted to. So, I decided to make a poster (that could be turned into tee shirt art maybe?) featuring an elephant! 

I gatherd some inspiration online and at the library. I also made a pinterest board where I collected everything that caught my eye, and I realized that I was inspired by India's color palette and vintage lettering so I tried to incorporate that feel into my poster. 

The brainstorming phase was quite difficult, but enriching. It was a great exercise to have to put my thoughts down instead of throwing myself into the project right away. I played around with a lot of ideas before settling on the words. I wanted something sweet and funny which would go hand in hand with my elephant. I think there's still some work I could do to improve the poster namely on the lettering's colors, but I really enjoyed doing this project. I drew everything by hand and then tweaked it in Illustrator, played with various colors and sizes. This project definitely stretched my artistic muscles quite a bit! :) Thank you for looking! 

My brainstorm sheet: 


I tried a few various loose sketches in the different styles outlined in the class. 




Did some thumbnail sketches (I have more, but didn't get a picture of them) 


And played around with lettering, sketching very loosely. 



And then I refined the version I liked the most, and inked it.


And drew some elephants too! 



Then I thought a border would be cool, so I started drawing shapes inspired by my mood board and settled on this "cup" shaped one (left). 



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