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As Above so Below Installation App

As a compliment to a current graphic design course I am taking, this app is meant to be a fictitious extension to a past exhibition at the Mass MOCA by Teresita Fernandez titled As Above So Below. The concept for the app revolves around creating a immersive experience where viewers can experience the show remotely and locally by accessing the app through their own internet access or tablets located at the exhibition. The goal is for the app to be have unique qualities depending on where you're viewing the exhibition while conveying the content of the physical exhibition. In theory, app would start a conversation between the people at the show and those that cannot attend. 

This class has been extremly helpful in allowing me to think of the possible users and in developing a skeleton for the architecture of the app. I will be updating the project as I continue to develop it. Thanks so much to Kara for teaching this class!


As of right now, and due to time constraints, I have developed 2 personas, Miranda and Victoria. Since the ue of the app is very specific to the art world, I thought it would be interesting to approach the users from a POV of less tech savy to expert with technology. You will find some of the differences and similarities in the brief persona stories. If I have extra time I would like to create a persona for a person that is not very involved in the art world but still wanted to experience the show remotely. 



User Journey Maps:

The first journey will focus on Victoria writing a new thought then editing it. 

Key characteristics: Victoria is using the tablets located at the exhibition, whereas MIranda will be accessing the exhibtion from here desktop. Time permitting, I'd like to make a journey map for Miranda as well. 

Task Narrative:

Victoria has arrived to the Sfumato Epic installation in the As Above So Below exhibition by Teresita Fernandez at the Mass Moca. Every wall in the seven wall room is equipped with a tablet to access the virtual section of the installation. As soon as she arrives to wall 3 a strong emotion takes over her and she instantly thinks On sharing the thought on the shows' pap. She types her thought on to the app and walks away. A few seconds later, she realizes that she did not express her thought correctly and heads back to the app to edit her post. 



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