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Aruba weather app

I work at an ad agency and I picked one of our clients for this project for inspiration. 

Aruba is a country that prides itself on the amount of sunshine they get year round. Their tagline is One Happy Island. So inspired by this idea, I wanted to make a weather app that adds a little bit of happiness into a person's life, no matter what the weather is like.

Step 1: Here are my initial sketches. I'm trying to figure out the best way to incorporate the idea of happiness into a weather app.

Step 2: Here's the first pass at the screen. I decided that the happy factor should be an image, served up either from the admin or contributed via social media.

Step 3: Made some changes in the later stages of desing. I decided to drop the status bar and add the time and date to the location part of the screen. I added the highs and lows to the three-day projection icons and I realized they were bigger than the main icon so I changed that. 

I realize my home screen might be a little cliche but I liked it so I decided to keep it. I can experiment with some graphics that are a bit more unusual and maybe point to the happiness feature.

I decided to use a side bar (I forgot what we call those) that animates to the right to change locations. For typing the new location, I used the native iOS 7 interface. I don't know if this is super accurate, but I found the gui and wanted to play with it.

For the settings, I think the screen will just animate to the bottom and a user would get a native option to switch between farenheit and celsius. And that's it. Hope you like the concept and the design. I appreciate any feedback!


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