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Artwork Tag: The "Part of the Family" Animal Collection by RC

Hi all! I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I'd love your constructive feedback and comments!

6/20: Research & mood board

My chosen project is to create tags for a series of animal portraits. The title of the series is "The Part of the Family Animal Collection" by Rachel Carter, a quirky artist who paints artwork primarily for home decor. These paintings are close-up, vibrant visuals of animals. They are both quirky, and modern, and would be appropriate artwork to be hung in one's home (especially, but not exclusively, in children's rooms). The main concept of the artwork itself is that these animals represent pets that become loved by and part of human families.

Here is my favorite piece of art in the collection:

The aesthetic of the labels should represent the simplicity, innocence and quirkiness of the paintings. There should also be a sense of completeness/wholeness and life balance to the tags, reflecting the concept of the artwork. The tags should also communicate to their consumer audience that the art is meant to be part of a home and envoke a feeling of home.

Mood Board:

6/20: Innitial concept & sketches

Here's what I have so far. I think I'll go back and do a little more experimentation in my design before I move on to the execution process.


Headline: should invoke an inviting feeling of home, connectedness. The circle and ligiature of the" r" and "t" show connectedness, and the bold sans serif is non-treatening, such as a home.

Other type: Letterforms should reflect the structure of the letters of the artist's innitial signature "RC."

Structure & Imagery:

Because of the unique nature of the paintings, and the fact that they are in very limited supply, I wanted to give a sense of rarity to the tags. I did so by leaving a blank space open for a number to be written. This number will signify the number the piece is in the collection. I originally was going to put "____ /____" but decided against this, so that the artist can continue adding pieces to this collection indefinately. So, I went with "#___" right in the center of the label instead.

The howling dog at the bottom illustrates one of the most classic and identifiable family pets, the dog. This image also serves as a natural arrow to the circular headline.

*RC signature is a redrawn version of Rachel's actual signature

From here, I'm going to work with the label until I have a more finalised sketch. I think that it is missing something... maybe I'll play with some borders? We will see. Please leave comments and suggestions!

6/25: Concept and sketches round 2

After coming back to the project with a fresh mind, I realized that my design could be stronger. While reconsidering my direction, I noticed that the animal paintings, and the idea of animals being part of one's family, gives a bit of a western/country vibe. Sure, pets are part of everyday life in both rural and urban areas, but many of the animals in Rachel's paintings could be found on a farm. SO, after sketching for a bit I decided to go in a western direction.

Here's a new sketch of the type. (the "connectedness" part of the concept is still portrayed as before)

I plan on replacing the circle with the "4" in it with a similar illustration of a dog howling, like in my original sketch. Here's what the dog will look like:

The other parts of the design will be the artist's innitials and the "# ___" to signify which what number each particular painting is in the series.

I think I'm going to make a horizontal layout for this tag, unlike what I had planned before.

Next, I'll work with the layout, bring the individual pieces onto the computer and vectorise them, put it all together and then work with colors and stuff!

Sweet! That's pretty much what I have at this point. Let me know what y'all think!


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