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Rooted to Progress



Artst Mvmnt

Artist Movement is the actual name - for the logo we removed some of the vowels as the letter forms above look more comfortable next to each other and create an element of ambiguity as to what it says, which draws  you to look longer and then you realize that you can read it!

I am set on my name, "Artist Movement" and the icon, I am in the process of trademarking the icon now. Since I have my logo I have spent this first part of the project coming up with a slogan that represents AM. Above is the full logo with the slogan added in. "Rooted to Progress" - means we are born with the creativity and ability to build our greatness. We are determined to move forward and conquer the new and untried. We are leaders in our own right and professionals in our field. We are the Mvmnt, we are Artsts.

"Rooted to progress"

Rooted - verb (used with object) to implant or establish deeply

pro·gress - verb (used without object) to grow or develop, as in complexity, scope, or severity; advance

I would love some feedback on the slogan. Nothing is set in stone just yet! Let me know what you guys think.

Working on it one step at a time updates to come soon!

Some Tees made for the launch of the site

AM - Sky Tee

AM- Citrus Tee







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