Arts & Crafts garden

Arts & Crafts garden - student project

For this class project, I was inspired by one of the original patterns from the Arts & Crafts movement, which was Iris by John Henry Dearle and I took the color palette from a photo of a colorful rock.

After a lot of practice of drawing exercises from the workbook and from the original patterns, I drew the floral elements. I digitalized them in Illustrator and added a texture over the figures with a clipping mask, setting it to Overley 25% blending mode, just to add some more texture to the pattern. Finally, I arranged all the elements to make the trailing layout.

Here are my sketches.Arts & Crafts garden - image 1 - student project


This is a capture from the process of digitalizing.Arts & Crafts garden - image 2 - student project


And the final result. Arts & Crafts garden - image 3 - student project


Thanks Bärbel for your wonderful class on Arts & Crafts, I've enjoyed it a lot! I've been following these lessons from the prepping bonuses, and I would like to give you many thanks for all the insight and great inspiration.

Cristina Bruchmann
Design & Illustration