Artivism - student project

I am in love with Nikkolas artwork for some time so when I saw his class I couldn't pass on it.

Artivism is something I always had a huge interest in. The fact that I can communicate with the world thru my art is fascinating and something I am planning to focus on in the future. There are thousands of topics that can be covered but as told, the best is to focus on what you know or what you experienced.


For this project, I picked the issue of sexual assault and victim-blaming as part of women empowerment which I am focusing on.

NO means NO should be a very simple message and it's sad that still, it isn't'. It's marvelous how many interpretations these two letters can get.


I wish my artwork can speak without text, but I'm not quite there yet ;)


Thank Nikkolas for this amazing class, I hope you will make more :)


Artivism - image 1 - student project