Artistic Infopreneur. Making a difference with art & information.

Hi All,

Thanks for checking my project out. Would love to hear any feedback/suggestions on my About me page. Note that I focused more on a picture rather than a portrait because I'm an artist/photographer and it's what I have handy. I might change it later but I kind of liked the wood grain background linking repeating the picture element. Tried making the whole thing a lot lighter and used greys and blues and really experimented but this is where I ended up. So many design options, it's hard to decide.




Susan McIntire

Artistic Infopreneur. Making a difference with art & information.

Susan is the CEO/founder of MilitaryFamilyGuide.com, providing creative educational webcasts to military spouses and veterans.

Collectors worldwide purchase Susan’s abstract art and photography and commission her via susanmcintire.com.

Having honed her marketing and licensing skills with organizations like Oscar Mayer, the Olympic Games, Subway, NBA, and Disney, she also has handled sales to JCPenney, Wal-Mart, and Target.

Susan is a life-long communicator. At seven, she wrote to the Ft. Myers News Press, asking to write children’s news. In high school she was a paid contributing writer to The St. Petersburg Times.

A tech-lover, her current pastime is writing “If this then that” programs for her Pebble watch. She also loves to cook and is a certified plant-based nutritionist.


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