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Bärbel Dressler

Bear Bell Productions



Artistic Illustrations - Learn how to draw [PUBLISHED]

Find the published class here >>

I would love to see you there :-)


Update Nov 30 2016

Yes! I just pressed the publish button for my first Skillshare class! It has been a month of really hard work, but I've learned so much - about sceencasting, filming, audio, iMovie, microphones, slow computers and probably a lot of things I haven't even registered. But now it's out there!

You will find my class here >> and I would be so happy if you want to enroll and learn how to create an artistic illustration by learning how to draw from an object or image. Hope I'll see you in the class project page! :-). Now, to checking out all of my co-students classes :-).


Hi everyone!

I'm Bärbel Dressler - a pattern designer and illustration artist, from Stockholm, Sweden. My project for this Skillshare class is all about sharing my passion for drawing and creating illustrations that is the center of a lot of my designs and products.

You can check out my website

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Milestone 1: Start your class.

Check! You're reading it. :-)


MIlestone 2: Class topic and Project

I plan to do a series of classes in the theme of " Create Artistic Illustrations". Follow up classes will be on how to color your illustrations, and make them into printables and ready-to-sell products, make illustration collections to use for art prints, patterns etc

This first class topic is "Drawing your motif - from idea to vector"

In this class I will go through all steps on how to draw by hand from an object, image or still-life and start creating an artistic and detailed illustration to use for different kinds of purposes - books, magazines, websites, pattern designs, printable products like artprints and greeting cards. This class will cover the steps from the starting idea to vectorized illustration in Illustrator.

Student project: 
For this class project the students will make one hand drawn illustration from an object or image, vectorize it in Illustrator and make it ready for coloring or to use as it is.


Milestone 3: Class Outline

Find my class outlines here >>


Milestone 4: My Introduction Video

Yes, after a lot of sweating, swearing and trial and error I managed to make an intro video for this class. I have published it on YouTube and you can find it here:
Intro to Create Artistic Illustrations - Learn how to draw

I'm not sure about that first and last image of the intro though and might change it to something else.



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