Artistic Ideas Are Loud + Lovely

Artistic Ideas Are Loud + Lovely - student project

This is a screenshot of my artboard and inspirations. You can see the general vibe I'm going for better with this shot + my hand-drawn illustrations that will be the icons. I'm looking to incorporate bright fabric patterns and colors in the rays.

Artistic Ideas Are Loud + Lovely - image 1 - student project

This is a screenshot of the vector update. I simplified the original sketch layout and created a digital montage for the picture. I still have to finish illustrating a couple icons later on but for now I like the start of it and how clean it looks compared to the sketch. The lighbulb was a final marker sketch that I transfered in. Tried different color combos with the swatch colors and actually ended up adding lots of white because It was way toooo loud. Instead the original combination that I liked will be used for the texture + pattern colors. Even took some inspiration pictures of a vintage Indian rug I found. Can't wait to see how this gets pushed further!!!

Artistic Ideas Are Loud + Lovely - image 2 - student project

Inspired innovation and creative thought are the guidelines of this artist splash page. 

As a latina we are usually depicted as a loud talkative bunch so I wanted to evoke this concept through several well placed shapes + sections. The rays of the light bulb ("the big idea") highlight the calls to action + artist image. The created speech section is for project links that will look like floating speech. (May need to rework this part of composition a bit more)  To generate the "loud", I am planning to use alternating patterns and create activity with the little characters characters and icons. Finally, using lettering choices + colors + textile patterns, I'm hoping to get a retro look that will look like a lovely fun "loud".

Artistic Ideas Are Loud + Lovely - image 3 - student project