Artistic Goals & Schedule

Artistic Goals & Schedule - student project

Setting goals and a workable schedule help me move one step closer to what I want to accomplish.


Big 3 for 2021

- Sell at least 30 oil paintings (original/commissions)

- Complete at least the draft of my children's book

- Create/publish a skillshare class


Monthly goals

- Post a blog article at least twice per month (will try and aim for one per week)

- Website update and maintenance at least twice per month.

- Work on one writing module per month

- Do at least 2 drawing/painting studies per week.

- Complete at least 1 original painting per month. (does not include commissions I do)

- Post on social media at min twice per week.


Daily goals

- Write morning pages every day (refer to the Artist Way)

- Read 1 hour per evening

- Studio time 3 to 4 hours per day (depending on the project)

- 1 Hour per day on Teacher Handbook and learning video editing, write-up script, and modules for class.

- 2 hours per day working on the writing modules, submit an assignment once per month for feedback.

- 1 - 2 hours per day Skillshare time.


This schedule might not make sense to some but this is just in a nutshell, it is much longer and detailed. Every class, painting, drawing, etc are planned out. I will also be competing in a few writing competitions that I need to complete the submissions for. This is in my native tongue and country. 

My plate is rather full and I also need to work around family responsibilities too.


Hurdles for me:

- I tend to not believe in myself, self-doubt is a major problem.

- There are people in my house that don't believe in goals and don't understand why I have the need to achieve.