Artistic Dreams

Artistic Dreams - student project

Sharing my ideas out in the public scares me a little bit. This is because I see myself taking my first steps towards a potential art career.

I started my "artistic journey" already as a child, but after a looong break in creating almost nothing, I somehow got a spark to buy a set of watercolors and start practicing. Since then I have also familiarized myself with ink and a little bit of digital illustration.

I have a degree in Education, and I currently work as an Instructional Designer. I like my job, but I feel like I want to expand to new areas. Besides art I'm passionate about wellbeing and I'm constantly looking for ways to make my life healthier. During the Covid-19 pandemic (as awful as it is) I have had time to put my thoughts in order.

I have concluded the following:
My dream is to empower people through art and wellbeing. I want to create beautiful things that are inspired by nature.

Artistic Dreams - image 1 - student project

As of now I'm looking at starting a small side business and gaining expertise and courage.
So, finally. Here are my business plans:

- Setting up my Instagram account (+possibly Pinterest) -- edit: account up; follow me katarinaojala_art :)
*watercolor and ink illustrations and health tips associated with plants
- Selling online prints in platforms such as Society6 and Etsy
- My aim in a long run is to create a concept for an art workshop, that would empower people to create art, despite their skill level. Ideally there would be aspects of involving all the senses through nature and plant exploration, essential oils, color therapy etc.

I firmly believe, that doing what we love, no matter how stupid it may sound to someone else, will take us where we want to be in life. Although I'm not quitting my day job just yet, I feel like now is the time to take a new direction towards my dreams :)