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Artist with a Day Job


The Artist with a Day Job magazine contains content that would be of interest to creative people looking to balance what they do for "love" (make stuff) with what they do for money (work).

In addition to featuring artist profiles and artwork, it includes articles to help folks thrive during the 9-to-5. But most of all, it includes articles intended to inspire people to follow their creative inclinations (day job or no day job). 

Thanks for checking it out!



Based upon feedback, I'm going to be more deliberate with what I choose for the cover. The cover below features my friend Theo's band, Dead Poets Society. Inside I have a link to his website and YouTube channel featuring his music. 

What I probably should do going forward is to write an article on my website first and then upload that to the magazine. Anyway, this cover and content is a good example of the kind of coverage /exposure I want to give talented, yet undiscovered, artists. 


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