Artist and Space Cadet

Artist and Space Cadet - student project

This was definitely a very helpful Skillshare class and Aaron Draplin is awesome!

Anyway, I hadn't really approached my personal brand any further than the typical logo, business card and letterhead treatment. I got into that sketching mode not long after watching the video and man this project had to happen. While I have both basic black and white versions, I really wanted to share the color version since the final product really felt cohesive and a good representation of me. So I decided to add the "space cadet" because I am so often thinking about the next project or image I want to sketch and illustrate and that I see to do the extent of my own work at the very late hours of night into the early morning. I find that creative comes out during those times. Anyway, that's a bit of over explanation on that little detail. Enjoy and it's been really amazing to see the gallery and get to be a part of this!

Artist and Space Cadet - image 1 - student project

Joseph Tagle
Graphic Designer and Illustrator