Artist Statement for David Groode | Skillshare Projects

David Groode

A creative guy with a sense of humor.



Artist Statement for David Groode

    The creative process makes me feel energetic, vital, and alive.  Filled with infinite possibilities, I like to produce art that is bold, child like, magical, colorfully rich, and awake.  My work introduces viewers to perceptual shifts that present alternative perspectives and points of views, giving people opportunities to question reality in the way that they know it.  Dynamically primitive, outsider art that breaks the rules, that is humorous, controvertial, and irreverant.   I enjoy taking risks with my work, connecting people with an experience and transmission of energy which elevates people into a vortex of higher frequencies and vibrations.

    Blending the sacred with the mundane, I like to include animals, creatures, and elements that are symbolic of nature. Embodying a range of basic materials, the sky is the limit with what can come through. Depth of design with layers of forms, patterns, colors, and lines that are meticulously organically constructed into a big playful mess of profound compelling vision that is wild and naive.

    Capturing glimpses into other worlds that cultivate encounters with unusual beings, my work integrates people into the dream of imagination.  Through my travels to other countries, dimensions, and spiritual adventures, my work transports people on an ontological journey of wonderous discoveries. Like the unpredictability of changes in our world and in my own life, my work is an interruption and a reprieve of the day to day constructs that we all get attached to, caught up and entangled in. A welcome breath of fresh air.


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