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Artisan Jewelry Essentials: Create a Signature Handmade Clasp

For our class project, we’ll be making The Hidden Gem Clasp. It is an artisan, wire wrapped clasp featuring a bead of your choice. It is an original design that will elevate the look of your jewelry, increasing it’s value and beauty.

This clasp can be made with almost any kind of wire, examples include:

Sterling Silver
Fine Silver
Plated and Filled Wire
Artistic Wire and Craft Wire in any color you choose

Harder wires like brass and steel will be difficult to shape properly, and aluminum is going to be too soft, so I don’t recommend using them.

IMPORTANT: if you are using plated or filled wire, be very gentle when you hammer. If you hammer too much, or too aggressively, you will scratch through the plating and see the copper underneath.

You can choose any bead you like as long as it’s small enough to fit in the designated space. For me, a 3mm bead works best, but as you find your style with this clasp, you may decide to use a different size.

Using your choice of bead and wire allows you customize The Hidden Gem Clasp to suit any necklace or pendant you make. Once you’ve mastered the design, you’ll have a gorgeous way to finish your pieces forever.

In the attachments, you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial version of this lesson that you can print and use when you don’t have access to the videos. 

Materials and Tools
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters (Flush cutters are the best)
Permanent marker
Pen or something roughly that size (8mm) to wrap your wire around
Chasing hammer (optional)
Rawhide mallet (nylon, rubber & PVC will also work)
Steel bench block or anvil
Files (I use a diamond file and an emery board)
10 cm of 18 gauge wire
16 inches of 28 gauge wire
a 3 mm bead/stone/crystal
Polishing method of choice (I use a nail buffer and Pro Polish Pads)

OPTIONAL: The finish of your choice (I like liver of sulfur)


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