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Artisan Clipboards

Are you tired of using boring office-issue brown clipboards?  I know I was... using something that was ugly and chipped and scratched made me depressed and unenthused.  I wanted to use something that was bright and colourful, something that made me smile, something that acknowledged ME as an individual at work.  

Having spent years living in Japan, I have learnt that things can be practical, but pretty too!  So why not extend that idea to clipboards?  Everyone uses exactly the same type... plain, brown and boring.  Why not stand out from the crowd?

And so... the mission was born!  To change the world one boring brown clipboard at a time.  To empower individuals, to create joy and colour, and to make people HAPPY to use a clipboard!


Trying to conquer photoshop!  Making the banner was fun.... I'm pretty happy with it, I think it's nice and bright and energetic:

maybe a little too blue????? Anyway, learnt a lot about editing... the join is still a bit visible, but at the moment I'm ok with that!

On to photography!  Most of the clipboards on etsy are photographed straight on, and look a little boxy.  I wanted to stand out a bit and be different so I went on an angle... it looks more like they're "in situ" but still shows the picture... of course, if anyone has other ideas, they're welcome!!

I'm also going to add more detail shots including front and back, but on a typical layout:

With perhaps a smaller detail shot: (this one does look a little out of focus... will redo!)

And for variety

And just if anyone's wondering, yes that is coffee and it was hot... taking photos was my tea break!

I'm starting to become a little worreid about consistency....and having around 20 samples to start!  I know that it's just a guideline, but it has challenged me to think.... if all of my 20 images were laid out side by side, would there be a recognisable style???? Perhaps in the beginning I should consider just to sticking to two or three types only so that a pattern emerges??? At the moment I have the large faces and my full body pictures.... I have more of those half done (just need coating with resin), but should I add my landscapes?  Or my "hat" series (these are meant to be job specific... a clipboard with a police hat for a policeman, a fireman's hat for fireman, etc).

Any ideas are much appreciated!


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