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Artigiani Della Vita



Artigiani Della VIta

A. D. V.  formally known as Artigiani Della Vita; in italian (Craftsmen of Life) focuses on creating unique, classic, one of a kind items for urban culture. WIth an emphasis on improving the quality of street ware, we provide products with an iridescent color combination that are unlike any of their counterparts. 

Our motto at A. D. V.  is " One Masterpiece, Many Tools." With the use of this brand we want to focus on uplifting others by representing beauty of art located all around us.  Our intent is to uplift education and motivate social change in the urban community through the use of different art mediums.

A. D. V.  combines the  craftsmanship of a high fashion designer with the simple production of goods in all of their designs, creating one unique look after another. 

Target Market: Young male adults from the age of 16-25 

Marketing campaign: Tumblr and website spread, viral exposition through Twitter and Facebook 

Production campaign: A. D. V.   will present to the world a selective amount of T-Shirt styles for the SP/SM '14 Collection to create a buzz and then venture into selective button-up's, Jeans, and overall men's ware. 

Selective Campaign: presented in selective boutiques. Cities: LA, NYC & DENVER

ART IS LIFE Spring/Summer  2014 

Graffiti by definition is a statement of public defiance, the statement of one writing their name repeatedly over a landmark that they consider their own  ( but do not) translates a powerful message of ownership and pride.  For the SP/SM 2014 collection, the focus  is to display  this art medium on various dark to light cavases to protray the vibrant attitude that we (A.D.V) provide for the street ware culture.

Large Logo shirt 

Logo Crew Neck Tee:

Available in Grey & Black 

In two different styles

Price: $25

Logo is a Pencil that draws out the letters for the A.D.V with the slogan wrapped around the  logo and our name stamp. As an instrument for writing and creating products, the Pencil as our logo connects to the individuality and uniqueness that we will bring to every creation. 



Vita Crew Neck Tee:

Available in White & Black 

Price: $35

Shows the colorful creativeness of our line, shows the artistic direction for our SP/SM 14 collection. 


Graffiti Crew Neck Tee:

Available in White & Black 

Price: $35

This digital print tee, holds true to the detail form of the design and brings a unique look to the young consumer. Bringing back the true form of urban street ware, displaying graffiti in a new medium and using the clothing as a canvas for this inspirational design.

V for VIDA

Classic Stamp Crew Neck Tee:

Available in White & Black 

Price: $35

The Screen print tee is a variation of colors on the sleeves with an embroidered versatile V on the left hand side of the bust. The SP/SM '14, White and Black T's will be the most versatile for the season. The color variations will standout from the other various T-shirt companies. 


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