Artie: Beagle of Doom | Skillshare Projects

Miguel Camilo

illustrator / designer



Artie: Beagle of Doom

My buddy and frequent collaborator Andrew signed me up for this class without my knowledge.  He thought it'd be interesting for me to try this out (and potentially receive a tattoo design in the process). In turn, i decided - asked him what he'd like to see and eventually he decided on his loveable if not insufferable beagle, Artie.  Artie was a rescue.  Andrew saved Artie's life and in turn, Artie saved Andrew's.  He loves the "Beagle of Doom" even if he can be a pain sometimes.

I began drawing after i collected references and thought i knew what i wanted off the bat, but i did not.  After rummaging through the internet to find tattoos of dogs i realized i wasn't hitting what i wanted at all. my drawings were too realistic in creepy looking.  

After another round of searching for reference, i decided on a more cartoony approach while trying to retain some of Artie's playful and ridiculous personality.  The tennis ball is a probably a common motif associated with dogs, but with Artie, it's a more current phenomenon that he somehow discovers a new tennis ball on his daily walks in the park.  So i've scrapped the initial vector design in the circle for the cartoony magenta one.  Still in the refining process.

And here is the final -


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