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Article Pitches

Here are four articles I would like to consider for my first article. I apologize for being so verbose.

1.) A feature looking at the Pig & Weasel, a venue in Chicago suburb of Evanston, IL., where its owners open their living room for shows. The homeowners don’t sell tickets and all money collected goes to the artist. The home concert movement has experienced a resurgence and harkens back to a time when folk, country, and blues musicians would play in backyards and homes.

The New York Times and CNN have published general articles a few years ago on home concerts, so I need to find some new angles. 

I thought a good idea might be to frame the home concert show as a better concert experience for the artist and the audience. There’s no talking. Shouting requests. Or even recording video and snapping photos of the stage. It’s a social event without the intrusion of social media.

Another angle might be these home concerts are part of the DYI (do it yourself) touring mentality that more artists follow. Does it alter the touring model? With Stage It, for example, more artists are offering fans a chance to see an intimate show from their laptop. And there’s Kickstarter giving fans yet another chance to connect with the artist.

Lastly, I would create a sidebar article looking at the top-10 concerts in unusual spaces. Two shows definitely on the list: Johnny Cash playing at Folsom Prison and Rage Against the Machine on Wall Street. I might do this as a separate story and pitch it to Mental Floss magazine.

Magazines to pitch: Paste, Airline magazines, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Sun Times.

2.) How martial arts instructors can help beginning students overcome their fears of sparring and become a more well-rounded martial artist. The article would feature tips, drills, and interviews with coaches from across the U.S.

Magazines to pitch: Black Belt Magazine & Tae Kwon Do Times.

3.) Why is new music released on a Tuesday?

Magazine to pitch: Mental Floss daily blog.

4.) Tweeting Priest. There is a young and engaging Chicago priest who encourages his church members to check in on Foursquare before mass, post on Facebook and tweet during a homily. I think a worthwhile article could be found exploring at how churches are using social media to engage with its younger constitutes and make religion more relevant in their lives.

I would also summarize social media lessons folks can learn.

Magazines to pitch: Relevant magazine, a publication about faith and culture. Social media-related publications.



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