Article Analysis

Article Analysis - student project

1. WHO = Jacob Bruun Larsen, Borussia Dortmund, Nürnberg, crowd of 75,000
WHAT = not clear yet but there are clues (crowd sat in near silence)
WHERE = Signal Iduna Park (home stadium of Borussia Dortmund)
WHEN = match night
WHY = n/a

2. The second paragraph gives a plethora of good information to expand on the first
paragraph. The writer gives background information about the supporters' protests
and a little intro about who they are protesting (DFB) and why.

3. This would be the most bottom part of the inverted triangle. This is where one would
find other general info and background info. The writer decided to include additional
comments, summarizing what else is going on around the league. These aren't as
important as the main story but are still appropriate because they pertain to other
teams in the same league.

4. The quotes of the article did not immediately stand out for me, but going back I
discovered two that played an important role. One was a quote taken from a
fan-made sign and the other was a quote given to the publication by the supporters
themselves. The writer was able to show the reader the supporters' side of the story
well because of these. There were no quotes from the other party portrayed in the
article, and because of this the reader isn't allowed to walk in their shoes.