Arthur's Project to Take Back Control

Arthur's Project to Take Back Control - student project


My workspace for this week

Arthur's Project to Take Back Control - image 1 - student project


I read Essentialism last year and the idea of focusing on the essential struck into me. Step by step, I managed to do major life changes and get into the path that I enjoy a lot and makes sense to me. 

Lately, I fell that I lost track of what is essential, allowing procrastination and lack of motivation to hit hard on me. While watching Matt D'avella newest video (which linked to this class), I felt a fresh inspiration boiling into me and I decided to commit harder and focus on the essentials. 


This project is a commitment and a reminder for me to focus on what is most important for me and help me eliminate the non-essentials. On this week, I'm working on:

  • Reducing clutter on my routine to allow my work to flow better.
  • Removing social media apps from my phone.
  • Taking a brief moment each morning for journaling on what is the most important thing I should accomplish on the day. 
  • Taking a brief moment each evening for reflecting about my day and minimally preparing the space for the next day.
  • Journaling at the end of the week to celebrate my wins, reflect on what can improve and preview my upcoming week. 

Feedback is appreciated!