Reviewing Ruby on Rails and followed new videos for this class. 

Starting with inspirational photos. Above, a scene from Ratmansky Nutcracker at BAM 2012 (American Ballet Theatre).



Hey it works!! Thrilling!


looking into adding an option for wrapping txt in the description txtarea. Also "created at" field and will_paginate.

Although responsive works great on laptop by reducing browser window, it doesn't work on iPhone. Why? Is it because  image box is too wide? Must check what breakpoint for iphone5.


Changed name to reflect evolution of my intention. Settled the responsive, pagination, and text wrap problems... Now wondering about box width. Tried different widths, may now go back to Mattan's instruction 214, even tho it doesn't center in iPhone 5. Will look at JQ masonry documentation. 

About pagination...true, the wil_paginate is pretty ugly out of the box. I didn't have good luck with the other suggested solutions. Finally, I am using the twitter style pagination. Simple but pretty enough and to the point. Im not going to fuss further with it as it works and I intend to move on to endless page.

Thought I found a great solution to try re centering, from Aaron Lundson's  UK blog. Very well spelled out. Didn't work though.


Picture taken with phone camera comes out rotated in the show view. No way to edit them either.

Pictures from phone photostream are too big to upload. This is definitely a web app and not a phone app, even if it is responsive...still nice to look at the pins in the phone.


I may have centering accomplished. I've upped the size to Mattan's recommended 5MB. Maybe possible to now upload pics in phone now.

I would have liked to put a created at date under name...but don't know how to do it at this point. Stack Overflow answer I found is confusing...


I can load an image in phone after uppng size to 5MB. However, it messes up the masonry (as seen on desktop) which is currently filled with images loaded from my desktop...strange. I refreshed both.


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