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ArtInzen Massage - Mobile Massage for Women

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I am starting my own mobile massage business, so the timeline for an evolution isn't lengthy,  just the idea was.

My inspiration came a few decades ago when I was in The Netherlands at a women's cafe.  The cafe was exclucisvely for women and presented a safe space for women to meet and talk about the issues they faced in society.  I fell in love with the idea.

Since then I have mentally played with the idea of creating a similiar space.  As a female I know that we often play the role of caretakers, but tend to neglect ourselves in the process.  Thus, ArtInzen was created to give women a blissful moment in time and help them along their health and life journeys.

So where to begin?  Not having an extensive budget I have to really think about where I am going to invest money.  Well, as luck would have it I came across Henry's SkillShare and gave myself the deadline of his class to start moving forward with my business.

I am using social media, starting with Facebook, to launch my business.  Technology has opened up so many possibilities to moving forward with my business and not having to secretly pray for an Angel Investor :)  Henry's class is the perfect launching pad to a dream I have long held on to, thank you for helping me release my dream into a reality.

This class isn't just about starting a business it's about self-empowerment.  I feel more confident with each new thing I am able to do on Facebook.  I wish I had a photo to send of when the light bulb goes off.

Henry, if you are reading this you didn't just teach me how to use Facebook - you have changed my life.  Thank you.


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