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Art of Typography

10 Fonts, 10 Words

A round-up of 10 fonts that work well with and represent the 10 words chosen by the teacher. 

Alphabet Practice

Copied the alphabet provided by the teacher into my notebook, freehand. The B was definitely the most difficult and doesn't really resemble the sample provided.


Since both my first and last name start with the same letter - D - I went in search for an object that looked like a D. It was a perfect match when I spotted my clock! Loved this exercise, but now I'm seeing letters everywhere!

Typeface Creation

Here's a typeface I created using the iFontMaker app on my iPad. I've been using the app for awhile and I really love it, though it definitely takes tons of practice and work to get a perfect typeface.  

Final Project

For this project, I revamped an old piece of work and featured a quote from my favorite film, Elf. I chose a font that was playful and made me think of elves because of the little curves on some of the letters. 


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