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Art of Typography

Initials Task

first attempt at creating letters from hand draw ones in illustrator.. Need some more practice  and think I need to make sure my original has no white gaps as that's why I think I found it difficult to select certain parts of my letters.

I made my A out of a potato and my T out of Rosemary. My kitchen smell good!

Coping fonts task.

I found this task quite tricky, I'm good at straight lines, not so good at drawing circles. I worked on this task with my assistant Eason, we both really enjoyed doing it. I've have uploaded both of our attempts... I think Eason wins...:)



Branding Task

I decided to choose the brand for the shanghai metro to analyze for my branding exercise.

The logo is basically a red M but designed in a clever way. It's a very modern font as Shanghai wants to be perceived as a modern multicultural city To it's citizens and the rest of the world.

The shape of the M while looking like an M also looks like a trainline track while the circle outline looks like a tunnel.

The color is very important. The logo needs to stand Out in the street amongst so many chinese shops and banks etc.

I think that the red also represents speed... Red is associated with fast cars, eg: Ferrari  the metro wants its customers to think that it is a fast way move around the city.It also needs to be understood by us Lao wai's - or- foreigners so they could not use a Chinese symbol. Its also a very simple design that works at any size, on a big sign that can be seen streets away and when it's used on a smaller street sign together with the line and station information. The color red helps you see the sign when walking down the street.

Kerning Task.

10 words in 10 fonts.

My chinese assistant Eason had a go at the 10 words 10 fonts task over the weekend. Love how he is becoming obsessed with type as well as me. 

Some images of typography from my Saturday.

street signs - simple fonts that are easily read


A brand I love and trust.It was interesting to look at it closely to see it used 4 different fonts on its packaging.

and a brand I would not buy as its obviously a fake of a brand I know and love. The typography looks forced and not designed well.

A magazine that stood out on the shelf and I was drawn to purchase it.

Important signs that need to convey information - they used simple fonts, the same way the road signs do.

Premium beauty brand advertising. The fonts are very elegant.

A shanghai taxi - obviously not a Fortune 500 company...

The fake DVD store... Font overload....


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