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Art of Typography Project

Final Project

My quote: 

The quote I'm using is "If you get stuck, use a different pen," which comes from the book It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be by Paul Arden

Creating your own Typefaces

Create your own typeface!

What a fun thing to do! The only issue I found is that the descenders for some letters (g and p above) got cut off a bit. 

Create your own:



I looked around my room, and used a pipe cleaner for the S. The J was hand drawn, and the N is a few ribbons taped together.


First I traced:


Then I copied by eye:


This was an interesting assignment to practice looking at the shapes, lines, curves and negative space in the various characters.

Brands and Logotypes

I actually just looked beside my computer and noticed this frozen yogurt coupon (mmm frozen yogurt) and decided to use the branding for Yogurty's for this exercise.

With this branding, there appears to be a few things going on.

There's 3 typefaces being used, in a variety of ways.

There's "sentence-case" for the brand/company name, lower-case for "froyo" and "self-serve frozen yogurt" and then all uppercase for the discount messaging.

The 3 typefaces have different styles, though they all have a sense of whimsy, none are serious in tone (to me).

To me, the most interesting aspects of the branding and logo here are:

- the use of a leaf for the apostrophe between the y and s of yogurty's : a bit of fun and creativity while they try to express the 'health' and 'natural' factors of their product (debatable whether that's true when you add in the toppings though!)

- the use of bright bold colours (the photo doesn't show this well, but check out their site to see an example of colours they use) - bright fun colours like these give a sense of youth and summertime to me

The Fundamentals:

Kerning practice:

I really enjoy doing the kerning exercise on 
Here's my result from doing it today:

I also did an exercise on kerning using the font "Dalmais" with the word Typographic:

(the original is the top, mine is below)

Intro to Typography and Communication

10 Words 10 Typefaces

Photo Inspiration:

Generally, when I find photos of interest, I either keep them in a journal or digitally gather them on Pinterest. When I started this class, I decided to start a board for "Typography" on Pinterest and gather a variety of ideas there, including photos/scans/screenshots of interesting typography I found. Here's a screenshot and link to the board. :)


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