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Art of Typography: Day 6 Final Project

Date: 12/17/2013 (Final Product)

I finally got around to finishing my layout and final piece. I decided to combine the elements of and 5. I really liked some of the choices I made with the thumbnails. 

Here is my pencil and pen layout below:

I really liked my pencil layout more than my pen. I'm stil not comfortable using a pen. I feel like my hand lettering is a little rough. However, this is my first handlettering project. So, I shouldn't feel that bad. 


Here is the final piece. I kept it simple. Red background with white typography. There are also a few elements sprinkled in.


I really enjoyed this project. This class was a great way for me introduce myself to typography. It's not so scary anymore. :)

Also, Thank you so much for the feedback, and providing excellent information on typography. 

I can't wait to show you my logo design progress in the near future. My next class is the First Steps of Hand-lettering. Once I complete the hand-lettering I & II, I'll start on my logo and branding. 

Good luck everyone!

Date: 12/12/2013

Here are my thumbnails for my Christmas card. I tried my best to mix up the composition and the size of letterforms. My letterforms became less whimsical and more elegent. But, I like the results.

I like thumbnails, 3 and 5. My boyfriend likes 6. Let me know what you guys think?  I really need to know if I'm heading in the right direction.

So far I really enjoy this class. This project is a great exercise. I really needed to warm up before I start diving into logo creation. 

Here is my timeline for the rest of this project.

Friday: Pencil Layout

Saturday: Ink &Color in Illustrator

Sunday: Ink & Color in Illustrator

Monday: Print & Mail 


Date: 12/11/2013

Letterform Exercise

I complete my letterform exercise. I just copied the fonts with tracing paper, and inked them with a Fineliner pen. The scripted fonts were the hardest to copy. 


Initial Exercise

I kept this exercise fairly simple. So, I decided to play with geometric shapes and negative space. I hand drawn my design on paper, and cleaned it up in Illustrator. 


Final Project (EDIT)

So I decided that I would like to make a holiday card for my final project. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by completing this project, and making a card for my family members.

The Tagline will be this.

"Jordan and Phylecia Wish You a Merry Chrisrmas!"

(Jordan is my boyfriend).


 Mind Map

I made a mind map of the words that will have importance and emphasis. 

They are: Wish, Merry, and Christmas

I pick 5 words from my mind map that will help with the direction of my project. 

They are: Whimsical, Playful, Bold, Sparkle, Floral, and Snow

Mood Board

I made a mood board that was inspired by my mind map. Tomorrow I will post my initial thumbnails. 

Date: 12/9/2013

I decided to pick two brands that represent femininity, professionalism, and simplicity. It's a direction I would like to take with my brand in the near future.

 I think the Martha Stewart and Modcloth brands represents femininity. However, they represent two very different types of women. The Martha Stewart logo represents a woman who is older, creative, and a bit more professional. Whereas, the Modcloth logo (a vintage and retro inspired online clothing store) is geared towards 20 somethings such as myself. Women who are young, hip, and into things that are timeless.

I do believe that the Martha Stewart’s typeset is a sans serif, and the Modcloth logo is a serif. The Martha Stewart logo is simple, straight forward, bold, but welcoming. I think the blue is what makes the Martha Stewart logo welcoming. The Modcloth logo is also blue. However, the mushroom icons and tiny adorable serifs attracts a younger audience. Again, both brands are for women, but two totally different women.

Cool Thing I Found on the Inter-webs: 

Typography Deconstructed has a really cool section on the anatomy of type. Feel free to check it out.

Note: My goal with this class is strictly typographic. I will defiantly illustrate a quote with typography. It will probably go in the direction of these logos (feminine, professional, etc). I will show my branding progress once I take the logo design class on SKILLSHARE. 

Same logos from the web.


Date: 12/7/2017

I really enjoyed this project section today. I love history and going through the history of typography was very interesting.

Below is my kerning score (I did it 3 times) and my kerning exercise.

I can't wait to learn more tomorrow.

Good luck to all!


Kerning Game

Frist attempt: 88

Second attempt: 87

Third attempt: 91


Kerning Exercise

The game was a great way to learn about the importance of kerning. I really noticed the pairings of TY and RA were really close. 


Date: 12/6/2013

Typography Example

I took these pictures while I was picking up thai food (yum). I figured I'll kill to birds with one stone. Yeah for efficiency!


10 Typefaces for 10 Words

I gathered most of my typefaces from the font website that was provided in additional resouces:


Hi All,

 My goal with this class is to gain a solid knowledge of typography. My end game is to create my own branding material for my small custom portraiture business. I recently completed the Skillshare class, "Learn the Ins and Outs of Illustrator". I'm really excited about taking this class. I've signed up for this class a few months ago. So I finally found the time to complete it. I can't wait to learn the material, and further my creative goals.

Critics and comments are welcome.

Good luck everyone!


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