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Art of Shoes

After umming and erring for a few days, I'm finally uploading some of the sketches and water colours as I would love some helpful (and preferably gentle!) constructive criticism on my art!

I started painting again last year after stumbling across various illustrators on the internet and I really want to improve, so any and all guidance would be amazing!

Firstly I tried a suede-y look and below are the results (with and without outlines). I'll track down the original photos for reference and add later!


I think I prefer with the outline?


I think the proportion might be out!

I then moved on to sparkly shoes, here are the initial sketches for now...


I will upload the watercolours later today.

I'm really enjoying this, even though shoes are not my forte, and please excuse the mixed quality of my uploads!

Here are my sparkly attempts - I haven't had a chance to outline yet, but I think the flowery shoe definitely needs an outline - it's way too busy at the moment!

I also ruined it with a water stain across the middle of the shoe as I hadn't let the previous layer dry properly - I really need to be more patient.

And now with little outlines:

And finally, my attempts at patents:

I enjoyed painting the patent style the most, but there is still a lot that I need to improve on!

If anyone has any specific tips on how I can make these better, or could have done these better, I'd really appreciate it!

Now to reattempt the suede I think!


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