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Art based on indonesian Batik

Hi Classmate and sensei Joshua Davis,

I have been following Josh's work since the age actionscript. Hehe. When he open source the hypeframework (the actionscript) it was so hard I can't understand the application and usage I tend to give up like after like many attempts.

Thank god after processing it is much easier. 

Batik meets technology.

I just love Josh's work on kaleidoscope so i decide to imitate the work using my assets.

I'm a Singaporean with a javanese blood. Really passionate about batik, drew some batik motifs.

I just know how to use the gridLayout so just use that as my basis, with restricted colours. Save as svg. Using nodebox to create kaleidoscope. (hint: Hope Josh could share his processing code for kaleidoscope heheh) 

And finally compose it with traditional persian rug inspired composition.

I also created a simple time-lapse video of the process.

So there you go. Mind my english, and Thank you Josh for making the dream happen.


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