Art and Exertion

Art and Exertion  - student project

Update 17.03.13

First sketch. I'd like to combine modern elements with classical (the word 'medicine' will be curvy):

Art and Exertion  - image 1 - student project

Update: 14.03.13:

Personality: For the phrase: Art - something relaxing and cool, or on the other hand maybe baroque. Physical Exertion - something high energy and happy. Medicinal - something beautiful, harmonized, and equilibrated.

About to research appropriate lettering..  

Hello there, 

My name is Megha and I'm a graduate student in Anthropology. Since I was little people have been telling me how "nice" my handwriting is, but I've never been able to channel that talent. I appreciate all forms of calligraphy and hand lettering. I also appreciate graphic design and digital lettering. Hope to gain some skills in this class.

My phrase is going to be "Art and Physical Exertion are Medicinal". This is something an obscure contact recently posted as an FB status and it really resonated. I do a lot of intellectual work (writing and thinking), so alternative ways of using the body are always appreciated, and they feed into the writing process in undpredictable ways.