Art Therapy

Art Therapy - student project

Thank you for yet another great class, Mari! You're really such an inspiration and your last course helped me through some tough phases last year.

While watching this course, I knew that my first project would be to reflect back on 2019 and reframe what happened.


So in 2019 it felt like everyone around me had their biggest wishes come true:

Art Therapy - image 1 - student project

They married...


Art Therapy - image 2 - student project pregnant...


Art Therapy - image 3 - student project

...found their true love...


Art Therapy - image 4 - student project

...built houses...


Art Therapy - image 5 - student project

...while I felt like sitting in a glassbox. Watching everyone living their best lives, feeling stuck.


Art Therapy - image 6 - student project

I phantasized about getting a new life...

"So a lot of people rated this one with 4.5 stars, I can really recommend that!"

"Sounds good! You know, I really want something completely different for a change! And you have a 30-day-return-policy, right?"


What should I tell everyone when they told me their big news and then asked: "What about you?"

- "Nothing's changed..."


But in reality...


Art Therapy - image 7 - student project

I grew and flourished on the inside.