Art Style

Art Style - student project


Pencil Study

Art Style - image 1 - student project

This exercise reminded me of the mental gymnastics that your brain can perform while drawing from observation--it was hard! So many tiny little shapes to consider. But it was the kind of hard that I was craving. I had a lot of mental chatter about giving up but I'm glad that I just kept pushing through. This was 30minutes (x2...because the timer went off and I didn't want to stop!) and there is still a lot to develop, but I'm happy to leave it as it is!


Black and White Study

Art Style - image 2 - student project

This one was rough. I decided to try playing with my gouache and realized I need a LOT more practice with tones and gradient when it comes to ink/water paints (I tend to be too heavy-handed). I definitely went too dark so I went in with some ink and added more details towards the end. Although this one is not my favorite, I'm glad I took the time to practice with this medium. 


Color Study

Art Style - image 3 - student projectI really resonated with Ria's commentary during this video--the questioning I did without the reference was abundant! Trying different mediums for each prompt but it would have been fun to try this with paint!



Art Style - image 4 - student project

This was a fun afternoo sitting outside in the autumn sunshine, playing with watercolor and ink. 


Thank you, Ria, for a class that pushed me to re-visit excellent art practices, get outside of my comfort zone, and just create!