Art Style Sketches

What I've learned so far is that I'm too ADD to have the patience to clean up details. Here's exercise 1.


I don't notice that as much until I see the photograph. 

I will do these each day but make absolutely no promises on how often I will get on the accursed computer to post my work. 

Day 2 was a fun one. I used pencil again. Pencils are my favorite medium. I can control them better than brushes or ink.


Though I only worked for less than 30 minutes, exercise 3 took two days because I decided to do the background with a watercolor wash and I had to let it dry. I had roughed out a sketch so I did not look back at the picture before I filled in the rest. 


I love to be out at night and watch the sky so "full" made me think of the last gorgeous full moon I saw.


What I've learned about my "art" is that I prefer pencil and pad most of the time.

After many days, here is my fifth drawing - a simple sketch of a deer.  One of the things I need to work on is detail.



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