Art Spectrum Palette

Art Spectrum Palette - student project

I wanted to set up a palette using a local watercolour paint company, Art Spectrum here in Australia and given I had this empty tin of 24 half-pans, I went with this:

Art Spectrum Palette - image 1 - student project
I wanted to grab the "Australian" colours from their landscape series as there are some fund pigment blends that are handy convenience colours for the Aussie bush. I filled this out with some unique colours (PO36 Vermilion permanent) and a range of earth tones and darks and some handy mixing colours such as Phthalo Green, Lemon Yellow, and my favourite colour Antwerp Blue.

Art Spectrum Palette - image 2 - student project The 24 x 24 grid took a while, but I'm pretty stoked with the array of colours available in this palette and how vivid or muted each combo can get.

Thanks so much for class Denise, this and your YouTube channel were so very helpful in getting me into my watercolour journey.

Cameron Lam
Composer & Artistic Dabbler