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Art Nouveau Series of Birthstone Paintings - Lady of January

This is the final draft of my art themed crowd-funding project, which is live right now

I went through a couple of iterations, one that involved an unfinished painting where my original goal was to help finish the painting, buy supplies, and offer prints of the finished image. 

I eventually changed the goal to making a run of prints of the finished painting instead, to have a clearer project goal and so that my end product was more predictable for those who wouldn't be clear about the end results of my painting, since my Rewards directly correlate to the image, itself.

I also did not have images of my rewards or an artist's portrait at the beginning, which I think clarifies my goal even more.

I can't change the rewards now, but if anyone has feedback, I'd be happy to hear it and implement it in my future Ladies of the Months Kickstarter campaigns!


Welcome to my Kickstarter!  My name is Angela R. Sasser and I am a freelance artist with a passion for Art Nouveau, especially the beautiful work of Alphonse Mucha.

I adore Art Nouveau and believe the world would be a more beautiful place with more of it in our lives! 

I've begun my own series of paintings directly inspired by Mucha's "Precious Stones" series which explores the unique flowers and birthstones for each month of the year, starting with "Lady of January", who represents the birthstone of Garnet and the birthflowers of Carnations and Snowdrops.

"Lady of January", 10x20 Inches, Watercolor, Ink, and Silver Liquid Leaf.

"Lady of January", 10x20 Inches, Watercolor, Ink, and Silver Liquid Leaf.

With Kickstarter's help, I hope to fund a run of open edition prints of my paintings for fans of Art Nouveau everywhere, starting with this first Lady in the series!  I want to reach as many people as possible that I could not otherwise reach on my own.  

As a special perk for Kickstarter backers, I will also be offering 12x24 inch Giclee fine art prints of this piece accented with silver leaf by hand that will be available ONLY via Kickstarter!

Any extra funds made past my goal will be re-invested into purchasing better art supplies, paying models to help me represent a diverse range of Ladies, and making future entries in this ongoing series be the best they can be!  

As of now, I have only completed "Lady of January" and "Lady of December".  I plan to create the rest of the Ladies over the course of the next year or so.

Just one of the many sketches done for "Lady of January".

Just one of the many sketches done for "Lady of January".


If this first month in the series proves popular, I hope to continue successive Kickstarter campaigns for each individual Lady of the Month, allowing this series to reach an expansive audience while also giving everyone the chance to collect special Kickstarter-only perks on my journey through painting each Lady!





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