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Working with HDrawablePool and HColorPool

I am tring toexperiment with alpha transparency.  Does anyone have any ideas.

d.randomColors(colors.fillOnly()) putting a number in before the parentheses does not work.

.alpha(100) placed under .enableStyle(false) .noStroke() is not working either.

Here I am working with HDrawablePool and HColorPool in a HGridLayout.

Here I used working with HDrawablePool and HPixelColorist in a HGridLayout. I could not use d.randomColors(colors.fillOnly()); with HPixelColorist. So the shapes got filled with one color and not seperated like the image above with the black background. Does anyone have suggestions to accomplish this.

HGridLayout Step 3, I decided to scale things up with this organic chaos. It is funny how these random computer generated images can capture your mood of the day.

Sometimes smaller is better


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