Art Journey Introduction, Masterclass 1

Art Journey Introduction, Masterclass 1 - student project

In this section you will get access to all the Assignments throughout these lessons. Furthermore, the Materials and the information regarding the tools are all available in this section. Please click on pdf "Assignment 1" and start your art journey. Every Masterclass of "Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features" will have its own assignment attached in the "Class Project". 

The important part is to start the projects and share here so we can go through your art progress together. For each assignment I will guide you step by step so we could learn and practice together. 

Masterclass 1: Introduction to Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features

Assignment 1: Lines

Assignment 2: Pencil

Assignment 3: Charcoal

Assignment 4: Shading with Brush

Assignment 5: Shading with Stump

Assignment 6: Learn Combination of tools, materials, skills and techniques

Assignment 7: How to create textures

Assignment 8: Surface shading 1

Assignment 9: Surface shading 2

Ava Moradi
Art and Design Instructor