Art Journaling Workshop Part 2

Art Journaling Workshop Part 2 - student project

Part 2 of Art Journaling Workshop

Art Journaling Workshop Part 2 - image 1 - student project

Day 15 of 28: Name a Feeling. These days during a pandemic, being temporarily laid off, not sure what to do next with my life - I feel lost. This is what spoke to me when I thought about it.

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Day 16 of 28: A Message in One Word: Repair. Recovering from an injury is difficult, it often feels like you are going no where. The process is long, and for some it is tough, but we are worth being repaired.

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Day 17 of 28: Respond to Your Day. Had a roller coaster of a day. When to reflect, my Dad's words echo in my head.

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Day 18 of 28: Addressing Unkind Thoughts. I sometimes have a rough time dealing my recovery, I often have to remind myself that, "This is not who I am".

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Day 19 of 28: Allowing Your Own Experience. I need a change, and I should not feel guilty about seeking it out.

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Day 20 of 28: Active Listening Throughout The Day. When you are a "Perfectionist" reaching out for help feels shameful and scary. It's like admitting you have failed. I haven't. The small voice in the back of my head knew I could not do this alone. I asked for help, I got help, and I am better for it. 

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Day 21 of 28: Giving Yourself Permission. When you are used to having a full day, sometimes taking a day of rest brings up guilt. "I could be doing something constructive" or "there is better use of this time." Being injured, I need to remind myself that proper rest is a large part of that journey, and spending time stressing out about what I could or should be doing won't help me heal. And when I am "whole again", rest once in a while will still be good for my mental health.

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Day 22 of 28: It's Okay...  This pandemic gives me way too much time to think and to get into my own head. I start to have doubts. About my relationships, my career path, and my past and present decisions. Is going back to school at my age the right decision? Was this investment a wise one? Is it okay to be vulnerable with my friends and family about my pain? It's okay to have doubts. I just don't want to have any regrets.

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Day 23 of 28: What Would a Best Friend Tell You? I get really tired of hearing it, but she is right. I need to take more time to breathe. Relax. Ground myself. And then, move forward.

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Day 24 of 28: Reframe an Affirmation. I was feeling very frustrated so I took the day to meditate and reflect on what the root of these feelings were.

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Day 25 of 28: Change Your Tone of Voice. I was still feeling rather frustrated to the point my mood was just in the trash. I am just sick and tired of being in pain, and feeling afraid of things I used to have control over... I apologize for how violent it looks and sounds.

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Day 26 of 28: Cheer Yourself On. After Day 25, I needed this one. Despite everything, I do have talent, I can still succeed.

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Day 27 of 28: Use Your Wounds. For a long time, I believed I had to step back into the closet to keep my job and my friends. Just today I was getting my hair done, and I didn't know this hairdresser, so I decided maybe it would be best if I just "played straight" as not to alienate her. In the end, I admitted I was queer, and she did not mind at all, in fact, her best friend was gay. She told me life was too short to go backwards, my orientation doesn't harm others, I am only causing harm to myself.

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Day 28 of 28: You Get To _____. During this pandemic I have be able to take this time to appreciate those around me. Family, friends, my partner, essential workers, and others. I don't know who you are. I hope you are well. I hope you are not experiencing this alone. Please know, even still, I appreciate you and your time.