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Art Journal Newbie!

That was a great class, thank you, Grace!


So, I watched it and went in my parent's storage room and took a really old, useless book (normally I wouldn't tear a book as I love books too much...prefer reading them :) ).

This one I actually enjoyed tearing apart. 

The next step was to gather the materials - in my case buying online as I was in the countryside for the holidays - got some white gesso, molding paste, PITT markers for starters. I have my eye on some more - like distressing paints and stencils but I guess I will have to wait for the next paycheck ( as you know the Christmass Holidays are always hard on the savings jar :) ).


And so I started and I really enjoyed creating without having no idea what will come of it. As a first altered book art journal, I actually like it! 




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