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Cait Sherwood

Artist & Illustrator



Art Journal Magic: 7 Days of Working Through Creative Block

In January of 2015, I decided to do a self-guided 30-Day Art Journal Challenge.  At the time I felt I had a well-established art making habit.  The idea of the challenge was to do a lot of art journaling and to be able to share more of my process on Instagram and my blog.  I was surprised to realize that art journaling daily would be artistically transformative for me.

So that's what is inspiring me to make this course.  I want to encourage people to use art journaling to work themselves out of creative blocks.


Here is the summary, as I have drafted it, before designing the course:

Even though many people have powerful artistic impulses, they don’t act on them.  They struggle to make them real. 
Why is that?  Here are some possibilities: 

  • They might perceive that they don’t have enough time to commit to a creative idea.
  • They might worry about what other people will think of what they make so they avoid it all together. 
  • They might worry that they will disappoint themselves by not meeting their own expectations.

Art journaling will teach you to start.  It is as simple as that. Starting is a skill.  You need to be able to start in order to initiate a project or art making session.  You also need to be able to start, repeatedly, again and again and again throughout the course of a project as you make artistic decisions.

Making art is about making decisions.  You get to decide what those decisions are because you are the artist.  You get to decide how to decide, but then you must make artistic decisions.  

Work yourself out of your creative rut.  Designate an art journal as a neutral space to practice starting and making artistic decisions.  Allow yourself to do whatever you think of-see what arrives.


Art Journal Magic will be a one-week art journaling challenge that can lift you out of an artistic rut. We will work into small journals made from used chipboard kids’ books.  They are the perfect size to start and finish quickly.  They aren’t too precious.  They are tough and take a beating.


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