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Jonathan Swift

Co-Founder of Art Imitating Life Clothing



Art Imitating Life Clothing

Introduction :

Art Imitating Life Clothing is more than apparel, its an idea of visual stimulation and inspiration in the form of fashion. Art enriches the experience of life itself, we have created a clothing brand based on that idea. In its rawest form, A.I.L. Clothing aspires to push fashion and art forward. 

Chronicle :

Historically, the art community consisted of a certain gender, education level, and class. In the past 100 years or so we've seen that status quo changed drastically. The appreciation of art is vast and eclectic now. 

Jonathan, Aaron and Anguilowi are the original visionaries for Art Imitating Life. The whole idea came together in Chicago in 2010. Being immersed in a multicultured, fashionable, and creative environment like downtown and midtown Chicago inspired us to imagine a different kind of brand that could transcend from streetwear to high-fashion inspired by art. Coming back to our hometown of Detroit, we felt like it was destined to become a similar creative hub. What we noticed coming back to Detroit was the attention from the art community, like our city was an incomplete canvas calling out to every artist across the globe. We began working with artists and firms online to take our ideas from conceptual to final, and the first four shirt designs were made. We're currently looking into our city's community of talent for some future projects and hope to introduce more pieces for the seasons.

Artwork :

The principle of our work is creative expression without the sacrifice of quality.  We're introducing thought provoking fashion through various mediums. Visual arts is the beginning with shirts, in future collections there will be print, fabrics, and different cuts all chosen with fashion and art in mind. Our collaborations with artists on works will allow us to use cross exposure, allowing customers to follow up and coming artists as well as the brand. Our pieces will invite you to a different feel, look and experience.






The slogan came from a Documentary I saw and the Lady was speaking on how art and life were the same thing that they could not be separted. This immediately clicked with me and our brand that Art is Life,  Life is Art  indistinguible from each other. Today as you walk around your city notice the lines of city, the motion, its art in a living, breathing, enity. 

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