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Art History Love

I spend so much time drawing and painting. I love thiss class video and find myselft relating to various elements in each art era...I suppose that is where my wonderful play will come in-good to combine them and create my own process.

I will be doing a project for this class but I recently worked on a project for another class. The theme  was fruit and to create a pattern. I had no idea and so I just picked bright colors-monochromatic and just painted. That led me to drawing objects with a heat pattern.

This was the first time I just caught myself  painting and thinking about my own emotions and trying to build connections but just going with what I could on paper. I didnt really plan for it but here it is.Yes I was feeling an increible love from nature, god, at and just poured it all out here. I would love some feedback as this type of experience can help me grow. 


Stay tuned for my project for this class. Oh by the way I created a project inspired by Paul Klee for another class project. You can head to my project gallery and check it out. I painted that too with my heart. Yeah I am definitely an artist!  You inspie me to keep going!

I am doing all of the art areas so will be painting something when I learn each!


Okay so I have been going through all of my work and this design just called out to me.

I apologize for the sideways view

I then made some notes


I painted using small strokes and then adding layes of color to get variations of blue. I felt like adventure is scary, fun, and magical. When you look up at the sky you get a sense of anything is possible. 

Yes I embeded clues of some of my favorite characters.


What an improvement! I am proud of the progress I have made and thank you so much Christine for creating this class and helping me realize that I love Impressionism art.  I realize that this is the playful art that reminds me of growing up. The art I will be know for! 

Inspired by Post Impressionism

I used a square ceramic to stamp the paint on. Then I used a some what dry brush to blend.  I used an angled brush to do this and love the texture.  Why did I paint this? I am writing a story about a bee an her best friend Didius.  They live in a beautiful world where bears paint and apple trees can teach us a lesson about love and embracing life's purpose.  




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