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Art Everyday

hello, everyone!

Here's my Day 1. I jumped into this class without a sketchbook yet, and thought I should just begin (no excuses, right?) While wondering what to do, my 3 year old daughter asked me to paint with her. She gave me the black paper and picked the kind of brush she wanted me to use. So I just went for it, no planning. I don't know how I came up with these "marks"; I just knew I wanted to see blobs of paint coming together, haha.  Then I thought, "THIS could be my project!" Worked out well, I think! The experience was just as Ria described in her video. 

This class opened my eyes to realize that art has been happening this way for me since I had kids. I had let go of my studio, and hadn't shown or sold an actual painting in years, so I never counted these little activities with my kids as "art"... much less "MY art." They were simply things to do to keep my daughters engaged, and sometimes teach them a thing or two. Instead of coloring books, I drew things for and with them, and usually integrated them with a "lesson" on the alphabet or whatever we were interested in at the moment. Thinking back, it was whenever I did this sort of thing that I felt most effective...and maybe even most "happy" because I was combining things I loved: creativity, and fun with my family. 

What do I expect to experience in this class? Well, I came in without any expections, but after this first class, and hearing Ria suggest, "What if you were to let go of defining a style for yourself? And just make a bunch of art for right now...and let a style naturally emerge," I am excited to see the result of all this letting go. As she quoted Art and Fear: "Style is the natural consequence of habit," I kind of feel that the daily practice of letting go of defining a style for myself might actually help me see "who" I am as an "artist" today, and move on from where I left off years ago ;) 



Here's my Day 2! 
haha...So this was interesting for me. From the prompts Ria provided, I chose "Childhood Found". And my kids served as my tool selectors again. This time, they asked me to use 2 giant 3-color ink pads. HUH?? How am i supposed to paint "Childhood Found" with ink pads??


Well, I just went for it, stamping away as my kids made their own stamping projects as well. We told jokes and stories, and sang songs while we worked together. I guess my favorite part was having to be resourceful, using the ink pads as "a brush". Aside from simply stamping on the paper, I discovered new-to-me ways to make marks with them and even blend colors, and make different "shapes". This is the result. And guess what?...I DID find my childhood <3 <3 <3



Day 3. "I Have Time"...
time: 8mins (to grab everything and start and finish)
tool: nail polish!

I realized the only time I'd have to do this was probably, as Ria calls it, the "secret pocket" in this extra tight day when my husband took our 3 year old with him to bring our 5 year old to school. That was about 8 minutes to get my materials, then start and finish. I could've probably worked this into some part of my day, but I wanted to take on the challenge, since today was about TIME. My tool selection technique for today (not my daughters this time), given the exercise and the limited time I had, was simply to grab whatever was nearest to me: some brown paper and NAIL POLISH! I decided my prompt would be something I heard in class: to paint whatever was in front of me. In this case: A painting of the sea. 

So, with four bottles of glittery nail polish that I recently bought on sale, (the palette worked out...phew!) here is my eight-minute, "shining, shimmering, splenind" rendition! hahahaha.



...Actual working time was maybe around 5mins, because I had to give allowance for drying, and then airing out the odor, and hiding the nail polish so that my toddler wouldn't want to paint with them too ;)


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