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Art Everyday

Hi, I'm Lauren! I have a degree in graphic design and digital media, but I often find that I like creating things with my hands rather than on the computer. I've been in a bit of a funk art-wise lately.. I have the time for art, but I can relate to constantly finding excuses not to actually sit down and get creative. I'm hoping this class will help jumpstart a habit of taking some time for myself and creating art everyday! I'll be posting my daily art endeavors in instagram as well, you can find me at @lprospere

November Challenge Day 30 - Full /Day 62


November Challenge Day 29 - Full /Day 61



November Challenge Day 28 - Lantern /Day 60



November Challenge Day 27 - Coat /Day 59



November Challenge Day 26 - Warmth /Day 58



November Challenge Day 25 - Hat /Day 57


November Challenge Day 24 - Snuggle /Day 56



November Challenge Day 23 - Still /Day 55


November Challenge Day 22 - Scarf /Day 54


November Challenge Day 21 - Cabin /Day 53


November Challenge Day 20 - Pie /Day 52


November Challenge Day 19 - Spice /Day 51


November Challenge Day 18 - Park /Day 50


November Challenge Day 17 - Family /Day 49


November Challenge Day 16 - Boots /Day 48


November Challenge Day 15 - Socks /Day 47


November Challenge Day 14 - Acorns /Day 46


November Challenge Day 13 - Leaves /Day 45


November Challenge Day 12 - Apples /Day 44


November Challenge Day 11 - Tea /Day 43


November Challenge Day 10 - Chill /Day 42


November Challenge Day 9 - Season /Day 41

Fall is my favorite season, but Spring is a close second and I was more in the mood to draw some bright, colorful flowers. Plus I got married in the Spring time! I decided to paint my wedding bouquet =)


November Challenge Day 8 - Gathering /Day 40

Today's prompt word led me to make "A birthday gathering" of sorts. It's my mother's birthday (happy birthday mom!) and all day what I pictured in my head was some candles feeling the heat while gathered together on a cake!


November Challenge Day 7 - Home /Day 39

My favorite little corner of the apartment =)


November Challenge Day 6 - Bonfire /Day 38


November Challenge Day 5 - Feast /Day 37

It was a busy day of vacuuming out the whole apartment, washing every blanket in the house and  a dog bath because we realized our pup had fleas! Once we got home from the laundromat I almost felt too tired to do anything, but it was nice to wind down and get my art time in for the day. I was feeling healthy, so "feast" inspired me to draw some vegetables!


November Challenge Day 4 - Hay /Day36


November Challenge Day 3 - Colors /Day 35

I absolutely loved today's prompt because I LOVE all that is bright, bold and busy! Upon seeing today's prompt word I immediately thought of my paints. I use them almost daily and when they're not in use, they are sitting on ny kitchen table or coffee table as a reminder to sit down and make some art.


November Challengle Day 2 - Gourds /Day 34


November Challenge Day 1 - "Fall" /Day 33

The word "Fall" makes me think of two things. Being from New England I've grown up with the color-changing leaves and throngs of leaf-peepers, but every year, come Fall, I'm reminded of all the first days of school past. It was always my favorite time of year. Not only were there the beautiful colors of the changing trees, but Fall meant new clothes, new school supplies, a brand new, thoughtfully decorated classroom (complete with that "classroom smell" of tempera paint and glue and other such things..) and back to a routine. Looking back, I really miss those days of learning new things at my little town's elementary school.


Day 32 - Circles

It's the last day of the month and the last page of this sketchbook! Perfect timing with the November Challenge starting month, new sketchbook.


Day 31 - Flowers III


Day 30 - Flowers II


Day 29 - Flowers

Another go-to drawing subject: flowers.. The first thing I start to doodle when I'm feeling stuck is flowers, leaves, things found in nature. I just got a package full of a brand new batch of Faber-Castell fine tip pens, all different types and weights, so I thought I'd put them to use!


Day 28 - The Alphabet!

I couldn't think of what to draw, so I went with one of my go-to prompts: the alphabet. I have a lot of pages with the alphabet written over and over in all different styles and weights, just to work on lettering and play around with how many possible ways there are to write each letter.


Day 27 - Fall leaves

The peak time for color has passed and man am I going to miss all the pretty colored leaves! Now they'll all start to brown and fall off those trees as we head into November..


Day 26 - More doodles

Today's art ended up as a bit of a scale effect. 


Day 25 - Hot air balloons!

I did today's art up in New Hampshire. I was having a hard time thinking of what to draw and I remembered that hot air balloons  was a prompt I'd added to the magic bowl.


Day 24 - Doodles/watercolor

I made some little chains with a fine tip marker and decided I wanted to add some comor to the background. I like the way this one turned out!


Day 23 - Items from my makeup bag

I've been having fun playing with dark lip colors, so I had to include those..I think the lipstick turned out pretty great!


Day 22 - What's in my junk drawer? 

I got a bit behind in posting this week, with traveling to visit home in New Hampshire...but I kept up with my daily art despite being busy! Today's prompt was what's in my junk drawer?  I don't  quite consider it a junk drawer, but this one drawer next to our fridge has the most random collection of items in it.


Day 21 - House Plants

It was back to the magic bowl today! I pulled house plants. I have soooo many around my apartment, it's always quite the chore watering them al. These are just a few of the collection.


Day 20 - A Birthday greeting

For yesterday, I decided to make a birthday watercolor for my husband!


Day 19 - Avalon

Yesterday's quick sketch of my dog, with a little help from my husband =)


Day 18 - Wreaths

I started to play around with decorative/floral wreaths today. Sat down at my desk, turned on Spotify and drew whatever came to me.

Added bonus before my art photo, a partial soundtrack for creating today's art:



Day 17 - Warm Colors

Yesterday was a cool color palette, so for today's doodle I used a warm one!


Day 16 - Cool Colors

For today's art I sat down with a marker to do a quick doodle, then I decided it needed some color!




Day 15 - Sewing Sketches

I've been moving away from the 'magic bowl' for a few days and creating with no specific prompt.. Today's sketches were for a sewing project I'm starting. I have my fabric (it's reversible!) all cut and ready for sewing, I just need to decide how I want the dress to be laid out! I'm leaning toward option #3, a stripey main boice with the solid sleeve and solid color blocks on the side. 


Day 14 - Fall Colors

More watercolor fun with a Fall color palette!


Day 13 - Watercolors

No prompt today, I just had fun playing around with watercolors!


Day 12 - Geometric Shapes

Today's magic bowl pick was geometric shapes! Sat down with my husband to watch Six Feet Under and went crazy with shapes.



Day 11 - Lamps

Day eleven was done while I was sitting at the laundromat. I picked lamps from the magic bowl before I left to do my laundry and I drew any kind that came to mind.



Day 10 - Baked Goods

A little late, but day ten's prompt from the magic bowl was baked goods! That got my thinking about delicious cupcakes. The pink one in the middle is my favorite!


Day 9 - Fruit

Today's magic bowl pick: fruit! I decided to go with citrus fruit specifically. It reminded me of a fun group project I did in college..a citrus themed calendar! I wanted to see how the watercolor versions measured up to the digital ones.



Day 8 - Jewelry

Today's pick from the magic bowl was jewelry. I did a quick sketch with pencil, then added more detail with a fine tip marker. I liked it as a simple line drawing, but I got the urge to give it a gold overlay and some color!



Day 7 - Outer Space

Today's pick from the magic bowl was outer space. I thought watercolors seemed fitting for a galaxy, so here's the finished product!


Day 6 - Birds

Once again, today was a busy day I didn't get to my daily art until around 8pm. After a long day I wasn't really feeling up to it, but I promised myself I'd stick to making something everyday.  I thought "Just give it 15 minutes and see what happens.." I've been gravitating towards my fine tip marker to draw with, so that's what I chose, no blind pick this time. Today's pick from the magic bowl was birds and I doodled a whole unique flock of them!



Day 5 - Monsters

Today's creation was made a bit later than usual. My husband and I were off helping dome friends with their move to a new house, so it was nice to come home to relax and art! I randomly picked an x-acto knife as my tool and monsters as my prompt from the magic bowl. I was a bit stuck on the knife at first, but then I remembered "Hey! I have this big box of paint chips from my many trips to Home Depot!" So I cut out these little guys and drew on some arms and legs.

I picked a popsicle stick with with 14 on it, so I have two more weeks of daily creations. (hopefully more if I stick with it) I'm excited to see what I can come up with!


Day 4 - Movie Quotes

My fortune teller landed on the living room, so today's art was created from the couch! I picked movie quotes from the magic bowl and randomly chose a mechanical pencil to draw with. No dice/time limit for today's art. I had the added challenge of Avalon, my schnauzer/chihuahua mix, curling up on my lap, so she acted as a furry little table while I did my drawing. 

The cold rainy weather has continued today, so it was was cozy and relaxing to to curl up on the couch with blanket and a fresh cup of southern pecan coffee. I decided to play the movie this quote is from as some background noise for my doodling. (It's my FAVORITE movie!) Any guesses as to what it is?!



Day 3 - Leaves

For today's assignment I decided to use two dice and ended up with ten minutes to create something.  I picked leaves from the magic bowl, which seemed so fitting for this windy day, with leaves flying around outside. I'm so happy it's finally starting to feel like Fall! My blind pick from the drawing tool cup was a superfine tip Faber-Castell marker. I sat down for my ten minutes and went to town!

It felt SO great to know that I can make something awesome with such limited time. I'm definitely going to do this exercises again and again to see what I can come up with!


Day 2 - Gems & Minerals

Today's prompt pick from the magic bowl was gemstones & minerals, painted using watercolors and a size 0 round paintbrush. It's very blustery and rainy here today, so this added a nice bright touch to my morning! 

My favorite part of today's assignment was learning about different minerals while I looked for some inspiration. I really enjoyed taking the time to add little details to each stone





Day 1

I decided to throw a couple funky flowers (which I got last weekend at a nearby pick-your-own flower garden, so fun!) into my utensil cup and that's what I randomly ended up with to use today, It was fun experimenting with what textures could be created.



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